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"As a fire chief, I can appreciate that this construction offers no addition to the fire load, should an upset ever occur?  Additionally, there is no travel or conduction of flame over any of your construction.  I am anxiously looking forward to the move in date, so that I may enjoy the benefits of your product."
    --Joel S. Hart, Chief-Labelle-Fannett V.F.D.


"We are tremendously pleased with our insulated PolySteel basement because of the hours of building time and labor costs that it saved us, costing much less than a full concrete basement would...PolySteel is a good product!  We are happy with the outcome; and our builders, as first time novices,

we're happy with the process and plan to use PolySteel again and again in future new homes.  This has been a pleasing experience for us, and we recommend PolySteel to anyone for its cost-efficiency, low maintenance, and good looks."
--Frank Davido, Zillah, WA


"This 3,000 sq. ft. home is being heated for an average of $1.22 per day since October 1995 with ELECTRICITY!  That's $37.82 for the month of January when a lot of the days never reached above 0 degrees.  This home features 30 windows and doors and ceilings that average over 10' tall, plus it has a conditioned

crawl space, which makes it nice for storage.  All totaled, we are conditioning over 39,000 cubic ft. of space.  In comparison to an average home of this size, with 8' ceilings, and no crawl space, you would only be conditioning 24,000 cubic ft.  Nothing was sacrificed in the design of this home.  It feels bright and roomy with plenty of light to fill the space.  Yet it is consuming less than the energy needed to heat a wood frame home half of its size.

Date Reading Usage Cost @ .04/KWH Cost/day
10/4/95 2512
01/5/96 4273 860 $34.40 $1.08
02/6/96 5456 1183 $47.32 $1.48
11/5/96 8080 2624 $104.96 $ .39
01/5/97 9735 1655 $66.20 $1.07
02/5/97 11310 1575 $63.00 $1.40
03/4/97 11717 407 $16.28 $1.36

Total - $368.20 to heat home from 10/4/96 to 3/4/97. (And in Whitefish, Montana)
--Dan Hendrick, Whitefish, MT

"Speaking of energy savings, compare this:

Billing Period

Residence Construction Sq. Ft. Heat Total Cost

January - May

2619 Golden Blvd. Standard Frame 1765 F/A $367.72

January - May

647 Calypso PolySteel 3600 F/A $164.35

A difference of:


As you can see for a house half the size of our PolySteel house, they are paying over double in natural gas bills."
--Tom S. Nickel, Billings, MT

Residential pages:
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