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Gainesville Technology Center
City of Gainesville, FL

"We have been very pleased with the performance of our PolySteel walls on the GTEC building.  With the R-50 rating of the walls, we are experiencing very low utility bills. 

Late last year, we had a minor tornado go directly over the GTEC building.  It ripped 2 air conditioners off the roof and twisted a very large pine tree (over 2 feet in diameter) off and slammed it into the side of the building.  The tree crushed the eves drip and guttering but barely gouged out the PolySteel form on the wall.  It didn't damage the concrete at all and the only repair was a little Accucrete at the point of impact with the wall.

Again, we have been very impressed with the PolySteel walls.  I personally have  been involved with 14 million dollars worth of construction with the City and PolySteel has been the most outstanding product we have used."

     --Larry Abbott, Facilities Management Director, City of Gainesville

Cincinnati North Field Office
Social Security Administration

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to extend my warmest greetings to those in attendance at the Open House of the new Cincinnati North Field Office of the Social Security Administration on July 21, 1998.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Hague Corporation, builders and owners of this state-of-the-art structure.  Safety has been a primary concern in the designing and construction of this building.  It contains high energy efficient walls of insulated concrete forms and can withstand assault weapon fire, the seismic condition of California, tornado and hurricane conditions, as well as fire.

I want to commend each of you for making Social Security services readily available to some 75,000 Ohioans.  Your hard work and dedication have certainly improved the quality of life of Ohioans in the Cincinnati area.

On behalf of all Ohioans, I extend my best wishes for a successful and enjoyable open house.  I hope that Hague Corporation and the Social Security Administration find their relationship mutually fulfilling."

     --George V. Voinovich, Governor - State of Ohio

Arby's Restaurants & Petroleum World
Convenience Store/Gas Stations

"I was recently asked for my opinion of American PolySteel insulating concrete forms, since I constructed six Arby's restaurants from PolySteel during 1999-2002.  At some locations, the sites included convenience stores associated with gasoline facilities.

Without a doubt, PolySteel is a superior choice versus more traditional building materials.  I am confident that these buildings will last for forty years without requiring structural repairs or improvements.  PolySteel makes for a solid and reliable investment.

Also, with PolySteel, we have had no problems with moisture, mold or rot.  In our Cherokee, North Carolina restaurant, we have had a perpetual roof leak.  If we had not used PolySteel, we would have had to replace a wall due to water damage.  And when the tornados and hurricanes hit our area this year, there were no worries about the PolySteel Arby's restaurants safely withstanding the storms.

I would recommend PolySteel to anyone constructing retail or restaurant facilities, due to the structural integrity, sustainability, lower maintenance costs, no moisture problems, and security benefits of the product, as well as the good service and support of the PolySteel people."

     --Edward L. McCammon, Vice President - The Winning Team, Inc., Central Carolinas Restaurants, Inc.




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