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"It's now been 2 years since we moved into our home and we couldn't be more pleased!  The house you built for us is exactly what we were looking for.  Not only is it a beautiful country home in a great setting, it also has those "hidden" features that made it a financially sound purchase. The efficiency of the PolySteel construction definitely contributed to our lower than expected electric bills.  (In comparison, our previous block home in Venice was much smaller and yet had higher monthly electric bills.)  We wouldn't change a thing if we had it all to do again!"
--Jeff & Kris Smith, North Port Estates, FL

"As we began to show this home, one thing became clear. Even though this house looked like ordinary construction, it had a solid quietness that we call a 'sanctuary environment'. This one aspect of PolySteel has sold more projects than even the energy savings. We sincerely THANK YOU for giving us a product that is good not only for the builder but also for the home owner."
    --Tom S. Nickel, Billings, MT

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Lynnhaven Dunes Condominiums
Virginia Beach, VA

"Now that we are nearing the completion of the waterfront portion of our development, I would like to offer a few comments on our association with you and your firm.

Your very thorough review of our construction documents and your detailing the various discrepancies between the architectural and structural drawings precluded many after-the-fact field fixes and potential time delays.  Your professional approach has been much appreciated.

We continue to be pleased with the PolySteel system and the product result.  From a marketing point of view, we have received good response and feedback from potential buyers concerned about living in such an exposed and harsh environment.  Further, our residents have enjoyed not only low utility bills, but also the quietness, tightness and worry-freeness that this concrete construction offers.  From a construction point of view, we feel the additional time to construct this superior system not to be very significant, and from a warranty point of view, I am real happy.  I do not have to concern myself with undetected leaks leading to the wood rot present with traditional framing."
   --Reese Smith, President - Lynndunes, Inc.

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