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PolySteel Forms with Perform Guard® offer
Termite & Carpenter Ant Protection


American PolySteel has licensed the patented termite-resistant technology, Perform Guard®, from AFM Corporation, becoming the first insulating concrete form (ICF) manufacturer in the industry to incorporate this technology into its product.

Perform Guard is the only code-recognized method that allows foam plastic insulation to be installed below grade in the heavily infested termite areas of the country.

As a result of complaints about termites infesting homes undetected by burrowing into and traveling under the foam used to insulate the foundation, the Southern Building Council voted in November of 1996 to ban the installation of foam plastic insulation below grade in the heavily infested termite areas of the U.S. This ban has had a devastating effect on the insulating concrete forms industry in these areas, and prevented homeowners from enjoying the significant benefits that an insulated foundation can provide.

A number of solutions have been proposed, explored and tested. However, AFM’s Perform Guard, which is a borate solution added to the foam during the polystyrene bead expansion process, is currently the only method recognized by the code as a proven termite and carpenter ant resistant solution.

PolySteel offers the only manufactured ICF form that is available with Perform Guard in its product. The product also provides additional protection for above-grade walls, which is where more and more PolySteel is being used in residential and commercial construction.  Perform Guard is inorganic, non-toxic and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for termite–resistant applications, providing an added barrier of safety and security for PolySteel structures. What that means is that the best building material you can use for the exterior walls of your next project just got better, providing your customers with the safest, strongest and most energy–efficient buildings available for years to come.



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