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The PS4000 Flat Wall Form sets a new standard for speed, versatility, and quality construction. Available in 24” and 12” heights, complete with 90° and 45° corners.

Ease of Use
The improved tongue-and-groove design simplifies installation on the job and minimizes the problems associated with concrete spillage at the top of the wall. The forms are reversible and the markings on each side of the recessed attachment studs provide an easy guide for proper alignment. The 1-1/2” width of each stud provides a strong, secure, and generous surface area for mechanically securing any type of interior or exterior finish.

The Strength of Steel
All commercial concrete form systems use steel ties because of steel’s inherent strength and durability. The patented (pending) PolySteel tie in the PS•4000 is made of galvanized steel wire welded in at least 40 locations. This unique design provides the strength, fire resistance, and dimensional stability that is the hallmark of the PolySteel name.

The PS•4000 is also offered in a half-size form (12” high) to minimize cutting in the field and maximize design flexibility.

Faster Installation
Each form creates eight (8) square feet of wall area – 50% more than standard ICFs.  Four courses of PS•4000 forms will stack an 8-foot wall, compared to six 16” forms or eight 12” forms.

And, to speed your installation further, we offer 45° and 90° corner forms in both full size (24”) and half-size (12”) forms.

PS4000 Flat Wall Series

6" Straight Form 12"
6" Straight Form 24"
6" 45º Corner 12"
6" 45º Corner 24 "
6" 90º Corner 12"
6" 90º Corner 24"
8" Straight Form 12"
8" Straight Form 24"
8" 45º Corner 12"
8" 45º Corner 24"
8" 90º Corner 12"
8" 90º Corner 24"


Technical Information
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