PolySteel Home Survives Car Crash and Hurricane Charley
“After enduring the impact of a 90mph car crash, the same home survives Hurricane Charley”

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NEWS RELEASE September 1, 2004

One PolySteel home has truly proven its strengthen during an unusual series of incidents. In June 2004, the Demczyk residence in Cape Coral, Florida, endured the impact of a car traveling at a reported 90mph. There was only minor damage to the exterior finish of the home leaving the residents with an impressive sense of security and confidence in the strength of PolySteel Insulating concrete forms. So when the recent Hurricane Charley threatened the same home with 165mph wind gusts the residents barely blinked an eye as the raging storm passed through their Florida neighborhood.

The Demczyk’s told PolySteel that they were one of very few families in the vicinity of their Cape Coral neighborhood to stay with their property. As neighbors prepared to evacuate one commented to Ray Demczyk, “I suppose you’re staying since your house is so safe?” “Yes, I did stay in my home during the hurricane” says Mr. Demczyk, “I know my house is superior in strength to other homes.”

According to local media reports, the hurricane ravaged the area with wind speeds of 145mph gusting to 165mph. You would expect some major damage to any home under those conditions. However, the PolySteel walls of the Demczyk residence experienced no significant damage. A section of the swimming pool screen was ripped from its concrete foundation and a few tiles were blown off the roof. Demczyk attributes the durability of his roof to the trusses used which were designed to withstand winds of 140mph. “Large hardwood trees and Palm trees on our property were completely uprooted or snapped in half yet the main house was completely unharmed,” remarked Demczyk. Due to PolySteel wall’s sound class rating of 48, the family heard very little noise from the storm. We knew the wind was screaming outside and we could see major debris flying through the air, but inside the house remained quiet.

Thankfully, no homes were totally destroyed in the Demczyk’s Cape Coral neighborhood, although many roofs were torn away. The full fury of Hurricane Charley seemed to have hit just North of Cape Coral in Punta Gorda, Florida. Ray Demczyk expressed relief that his neighborhood escaped major damage due to the path of the storm.

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