Bruce Anderson

LOGAN, UT October 8, 2004 – The Florida Building Authority has approved the application submitted by Vinyl Technologies Inc. for statewide use of the VBUCK vinyl block-out system for homes built with insulating concrete forms (ICF).

“We are very excited for ICF contractors in Florida. With this approval, the process of getting the VBUCK system approved for Florida building code has been greatly simplified,” stated Justin Anderson, President of Vinyl Technologies. “Before the VBUCK approval, the steps that contractors had to take to use the VBUCK system were quite an undertaking. Now, all they have to do is specify VBUCK into the home plans.”

The approval comes as great news to Florida ICF contractors. The VBUCK system allows contractors to avoid all of the hassle of using wooden block-outs. VBUCK is a clean, lightweight, time-saving alternative for window and door block-outs. All window and door shapes and sizes can be pre-manufactured and easily installed at the jobsite by just one person.

In order for Vinyl Technologies Inc. to gain approval from the Florida Building Authority an evaluation from a Florida registered evaluation entity was submitted along with using Florida approved materials and meet the Florida requirements for quality assurance and load tests.

Insulating concrete form homes are an ever-increasing choice of homebuilders. By using VBUCK block-outs, homeowners avoid insects, mold and other problems associated with wood.

“ICFs are the next generation of high-quality, energy-efficient homes. It only makes sense for a 21st century home to have 21st century window and door block-outs. ICF builders across the nation have realized the ease and laborsaving benefits of the VBUCK block-out system. Now, thanks to the Florida Building Authority, the VBUCK system is easier than ever to include in a new home,” added Bruce Anderson, General Manager, of Vinyl Technologies Inc.

The VBUCK vinyl block-out system is available for ICF homes by contacting Vinyl Technologies Inc. at 1-888-578-2825 or by emailing info@vbuck.com

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The VBUCK Brand Block-Out and Bracing System is a patented vinyl block-out for use in Insulating concrete form buildings. THE VBUCK is a complete block-out system for windows, doors, patios, and garages that can be shaped for round, half-round, eyebrow, and elliptical openings. Reusable bracing, ease of assembly, very little waste, curb appeal, and labor savings are just a few reasons to use the VBUCK System over wood or any other block-out product.
PO Box 4238 Logan, UT 84323-4238 1-888-578-2825 www.vbuck.com.


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