American PolySteel “Building a Better” Afghanistan
“United States Military chooses PolySteel for Afghanistan construction projects”

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NEWS RELEASE: March 11, 2004

Joining the ranks of Halliburton, Kellogg, Brown and Root and Raytheon you will now find American PolySteel helping to rebuild the war torn country of Afghanistan. The United States Military wanted a faster, simpler, and more efficient way to complete construction projects. American PolySteel was the ICF of choice and the initial order has recently shipped.

The Afghanistan rebuild is not the first project for the military and American PolySteel. PolySteel has been the military’s preferred ICF for many projects including; the Homeland Security Training Facility at Fort Knox, Kentucky and support facilities at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

Why PolySteel? The United States Military knows what many have already learned about the benefits of building with PolySteel including, ease of construction, safety, strength and blast protection all important elements in Afghanistan’s massive reconstruction effort.

It was only a matter of time that the strength of PolySteel buildings would be coveted by the military. Homeowners and builders have been aware of the superior strength of PolySteel walls for many years. The threat of war and terrorism has made the ICF product more mainstream. Media outlets are increasingly discussing the benefits of Safe Rooms and the strength of concrete walls. Now that the United States Military trusts PolySteel to rebuild Afghanistan PolySteel feels that we’re not only building a better world, but also a safer world.

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, American PolySteel has been manufacturing superior insulating concrete forms since 1978. Networks of distributors are working with homeowners, builders, architects, and now the government to create superior, stronger, energy efficient homes, and commercial buildings all across America and now around the globe.


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