PolySteel Wall Withstands 90mph Car Crash
“A dramatic example of PolySteel’s strength proven once again…
this time at break neck speed”

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NEWS RELEASE August 23, 2004

“A dramatic example of PolySteel’s strength proven once again…this time at break neck speed”

“I believe the PolySteel wall saved my life” was the testimony of Mr. Ray Demczyk of Cape Coral, Florida.

Early on the morning of June 26, 2004, as Mr. Demczyk and his wife quietly slept inside their PolySteel home, tragedy was unfolding outside. At approximately 2:00AM an intoxicated driver was speeding down the Demczyk’s neighborhood street. According to police reports the driver of the Pontiac Firebird lost control of the vehicle, left the roadway and slammed into the exterior wall of the Demczyk’s residence at a speed of 90 miles per hour.

The PolySteel wall’s sound class rating of 48 offered the sleeping Demczyk’s no clue of the disaster. Stirred awake by a light thud, Mrs. Demczyk leisurely strolled through the house assuming a household object had fallen to the floor. To her surprise what she found was a set of headlights shining brightly through her living room window.

Proof of PolySteel’s strength was evident once the clean up had been completed and the damage was accessed. There was only a 3’ x 5’ section of the wall’s exterior finish damaged by the crash. There was no damage to the PolySteel wall itself.

PolySteel Distributor Ed Easter was involved with the construction of the Demczyk home. The 5800 SF, two-story, stucco home was constructed in Cape Coral, Florida in 1997 at a cost of $496,000. When asked if he was surprised by the strength of the wall, Demczyk responded “I can believe it. I have known that this house was solid since the day I built it. Strength, wind resistance, and insulation are the reasons I chose PolySteel. Demczyk told us that emergency workers on the scene commented that the speeding vehicle would have penetrated the residence had the walls been concrete block or wood-frame.

Though the car was completely totaled, thankfully, the driver survived the collision with no reported injuries. Happily, Mr. Demczyk and his wife have minor repairs to make and can continue sleeping peacefully with proven assurance of the safety of their PolySteel home.

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, American PolySteel has been manufacturing superior insulating concrete forms since 1978. Networks of distributors are working with homeowners, builders, architects, and now the government to create superior, stronger, energy efficient homes, and commercial buildings all across America and now around the globe.

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