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The Most Cost Effective,
User-Friendly Insulating Concrete Form on the Market!

Using PolySteel forms for the exterior walls of your projects will result in happier clients.

Protection from Mold and Termites
Faster Installation by Panelizing
Multi-Market High Volume Builders

Distance yourself from the competition and set a new standard for quality, comfortable and energy-efficient construction with PolySteel. PolySteel is simply better than framed construction and the best overall choice in the ICF market.

PolySteel is the only ICF manufacturer to offer you a choice of steel or composite ties and flat wall or waffle grid forms. Our product line includes PS3000 Waffle Grid, PS4000 Flat Wall and NEW PolyPro. Now with the introduction of our PolyPro composite tied form,

PolySteel has the most comprehensive line of ICFs in the industry backed by the unmatched service and support of the most professional network of distributors in the business.

PolySteel walls are cost-effective and easy to build, saving you time and improving your profit on every project. The advantages of PolySteel, including energy savings of 30 - 80% and superior comfort, attract buyers. The strength and durability of PolySteel results in fewer callbacks and happier customers which translates into referrals and future business.

When you choose PolySteel forms you are building with the best material available and a product that is extremely cost effective for your clients.  Consider as lumber prices fluctuate that PolySteel offers you stability of pricing.

Read more about why you should build with PolySteel!

Your clients will appreciate that their new project is protected from the danger and destruction of mold and termites.

American PolySteel has licensed the patented termite-resistant technology, Perform Guard®, from AFM Corporation, becoming the first major insulating concrete form (ICF) block manufacturer in the industry to incorporate this technology into its product.

Perform Guard is the only code-recognized method that allows foam plastic insulation to be installed below grade in the heavily infested termite areas of the country.

Common Black Mold

Mold requires an organic material, such as wood on which to grow. PolySteel forms contain NO organic material.
Hollow cavities can trap moisture, making traditionally constructed structures vulnerable to mold. PolySteel walls are made of solid concrete and have NO cavities which trap moisture.

Properly ventilated PolySteel structures guarantee low humidity, greatly decreasing the opportunity for mold growth because mold requires a relative humidity of 50% or higher to grow.

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PolySteel forms are one of the only ICFs which can be prefabricated or "panelized" into full wall sections. Panelized PolySteel can speed up installation times and reduce the number of work days lost to inclement weather.   More >

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PolySteel forms have been used across the world in virtually every type of construction. We can help you educate your clients on the advantages of using PolySteel for their project!   More >

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