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29 Years of Industry Leadership 

Polysteel and Arxx products are now discontinued. The brands and assets have been acquired by Airlite Plastics, CO. Who is Airlite Plastics?

Airlite Plastics Co. in Omaha Nebraska (a family owned company est. 1946) manufactures ICF’s as part of a diverse line of products offered to their customers.  Approximately 1.6 billion units of plastic and foam are produced annually.  This is accomplished with 675 employees - working around the clock - within 650,000 square feet of building space.  Airlite produces plastics containers and insulated packaging products cold chain solutions for the food, medical, pharmaceutical, animal health, agricultural, mail order and Sporting Goods markets, as well as Fox Blocks ICF’s for the construction industry.

Learn more about Fox Blocks ICFs and Concrete homes by visiting foxblocks.com

American PolySteel, LLC, began manufacturing insulating concrete forms in 1978, pioneering and leading an industry that now boasts 50 products and builds thousands of homes and commercial structures each year.

Our nationwide network of trained distributors and builders are recognized as the most professional group of industry representatives in the business. All of our distributors are committed to providing superior customer service and support.

Today our forms are manufactured using new high-speed presses and molds in state-of-the-art factories. We are recognized for the highest standards of quality control and our exceptional training and technical support methods.

PolySteel continues today, as it did over 29 years ago, to be a pioneer. We are committed to innovation and strive to develop new and increasingly advanced techniques and materials.  We deliver only the best products and services to our customers.

Our Commitment
As our world becomes smaller, our human and environmental interdependence becomes more clear and our need to respect each other and our natural world more critical.  American PolySteel is committed to working with our fellow citizens, in reverence to all of creation, to improve our quality of life by improving the quality of the shelters we build, the lives of those involved in the process, and the environment in which we all live, work, and play as we strive to become better human beings.  We are committed to leaving the world a little better than we found it so that future generations have an unfettered opportunity to do the same.

American PolySteel is committed to building a better world by producing, distributing, servicing and supporting building materials that substantially improve the quality, performance, and environmental impact of residential and commercial construction throughout the world.  Providing superior construction technology dramatically improves the quality of life of those who live and work in PolySteel structures, the communities in which these homes and buildings are constructed, and the global environment that would otherwise be taxed by the construction inefficiencies of alternative building methods, and the energy and other resources required to operate, repair, maintain, and replace less durable and effective building technologies.

Improving Quality and Performance means that our products:



are produced using the finest materials available under strict manufacturing standards to ensure consistent quality and value to our customers;

are easy to use on the construction site by offering simple and understandable installation instructions and techniques, safe and easy to handle, and durable enough to withstand the rigors of the job site environment and the specific tasks they are designed to perform;

provide the most comfortable, durable, structurally secure, energy efficient, and environmentally responsible building envelope that money can buy.

Building a Better Form
We start by building a better insulating concrete form.  Our expanded polystyrene concrete forms are tied together with galvanized steel and provide a mechanical attachment point for wall coverings that is structurally superior to every other form in the industry.  Steel is dimensionally stable.  It will not crack, peel, or melt.  It sets a standard of performance that cannot be matched by plastic, wood, or other composite materials used in wall construction.  Our steel form tie is designed to maximize the flow of concrete with minimal obstruction, while securely holding the foam panels together to form walls that are consistently plumb and straight.  Our attachment strips are sized and spaced to provide maximum strength and require minimal modification to run utilities to any location on the walls.  Our tongue and groove design and reversible flexibility help ensure that walls constructed with PolySteel Forms are securely locked together to form a superior concrete structure and a uniform surface for the attachment of any type of wall covering imaginable.

Building Better Buildings
Homes, offices, factories, warehouses, and any other structures built with PolySteel Forms provide extraordinary benefits to their occupants.  Energy savings of 50% to 80% over conventional construction methods are common in PolySteel buildings.  The structural integrity of PolySteel walls provides unparalleled safety from the ravages of severe weather, fire, floods, earthquakes, or man-made intrusions.  The indescribable comfort provided by an envelope of PolySteel walls is a combination of the thermal stability of the massive concrete walls encapsulated in high-density polystyrene insulation, the absence of drafts from the elimination of air infiltration, and the peace and quiet of a virtually soundproof environment.  All of these benefits combine to produce buildings that set a whole new standard of performance in the world of construction.

Building Better Businesses
American PolySteel is unwaveringly committed to delivering our products to the marketplace through a network of factory-trained, independent distributors who can promote, sell, and support our products in the best way possible to meet the needs of their local communities.  The construction industry is an industry of regional building and business practices that is best served by those who understand the dynamics of the region in which they live and work.  American PolySteel celebrates and supports this diversity and believes that our building products are versatile enough to meet the needs of an unlimited number of construction projects when serviced and supported by members of the communities they are designed to serve.  By helping to establish and support these independent entrepreneurs, we are providing each and every market with the best combination of products and services available to meet its unique needs, and we are strengthening the fabric of the American economy by increasing its diversity and fueling continued innovation in the construction industry, which is a key component of our entire economic system.     

We are also committed to improving the lives of our own employees as we strive to improve the performance of our core business.  We believe that every person is entitled to the opportunity to improve his or her life through their work and that we have an obligation to create an environment that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth at every level.  This commitment to our employees is amply rewarded by increased productivity, loyalty to the Company and its vision, reduced turnover, high morale, and the opportunity to show our distributors, by example, how we believe that their businesses can be run to best represent our Company, our vision, and our products in their local markets.
Building Better Communities

PolySteel homes and buildings reduce a community’s need for energy, thereby lowering the cost of providing generating capacity and, ultimately, allowing its limited resources to be directed to other vital areas.  Less energy consumption means less pollution.  Less pollution means a better quality of life.  Structurally secure buildings also mean less damage and a shorter recovery period after the natural disasters that all too often cripple communities, leaving them struggling to get back on their feet.  Our corporate commitment to Habitat for Humanity helps direct resources for decent affordable housing to those most in need and provides homes that will last and will cost less to operate – making them truly “affordable.”  Our financial commitment to subsidize the construction of churches contributes directly to the institutions that so often hold communities together.  And American PolySteel’s long term commitment to find new and innovative ways to provide our citizens with the American Dream of a new and affordable home will help strengthen each and every community where this becomes a reality.   

Building a Better Environment
From the manufacturing of our products to the installation on the job site and the reduced operating costs over the life of PolySteel buildings, we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact that the construction and operation of human shelter imposes on our world.  No ozone-damaging CFC’s are used in the manufacturing of PolySteel Forms.  Much of the steel we use is made of recycled material.  The efficient design of our forms significantly reduces the amount of waste that is so often produced during the construction process.  Both the steel and the polystyrene components of our forms are recyclable materials themselves.  We utilize the most abundant building material on earth, concrete, as the structural component of our walls.  This also provides us with the most durable building material on earth.  Our buildings will stand for hundreds and, most likely, thousands of years, minimizing the resources necessary to replace these structures time and time again.  Energy savings means fuel savings.  Fuel savings means less pollution, less ozone depletion, less global warming, and fewer resources diverted to the construction of energy-producing facilities.  Although polystyrene is currently a by-product of petroleum, every BTU used to produce this material is repaid over 150 times when it is used as insulation.  By combining the use of one of the world’s most abundant resources with the most efficient use of one of its most limited, PolySteel works in concert with our environment to provide comfort and security for the people who use it, with a minimum of disruption to the natural world around them.

Building a Better World
As the reach of our technology has extended beyond the borders of our native country, and as part of our responsibility as a global citizen, wherever we reside, we have adopted a globally recognized set of principles which, in our view, reflect the core principles reflected in this document and in our daily efforts to improve the world in which we live.  The United Nations Global Compact was developed to encourage a higher level of environmental and social awareness and responsibility among the world’s businesses and to foster increased care and respect for the workers of the world and the environment in which we all live and have a responsibility to maintain.  The Compact relies on the enlightened self-interest of businesses, labor, and civil society to implement and share in substantive action to pursue the principles upon which the Global Compact is based.  We, at American PolySteel, subscribe to these principles, have joined the Global Compact, and intend to maximize our engagement in this process as we reach to expand our own impact in Building A Better World.

This is our mission.



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